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Channelling and Developing the Intuition

This site is dedicated to an understanding of the principles of developing the intuition, and in particular, to the channelled spiritual teachings of H-A (Helio-Arcanophus) and subsequently, of a finer guide introduced by H-A, called 'Allbeing'.

Tony first channelled H-A in the 1950s, and this inspirational teaching-philosophy provides a very practical approach to life that invites us to explore our own inner dimensions, yet, at the same time, find harmony in the physical world in which we live.

Since 2011, Tony's channelling has reached a finer level of guidance with Allbeing, a frequency which is neither masculine nor feminine, yang nor yin, but both; and which embraces all beings on all levels.

Tony is the author of the much-acclaimed book Channelling for Everyone, published in 1997 and reprinted 5 times to date; and also of the channelled books New Dimensions in Healing and Secrets of Planet Earth, published in 2007 and 2009 respectively.

Tony runs courses in Malvern (Worcs.) and in London to enable others to develop their ability to channel higher wisdom. He and Ann are both involved in teaching, counselling healing and spirit release; and Tony was Chair of the Spirit Release Foundation for 4 years. He also gives nutritional advice, being a founder of the Nature's Own/Cytoplan Group.

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